20 April 2009

Name that Film... again

Right, so, here's a fresh challenge for you, just to flex your brains. I'd meant to post this this morning, but I was just too deeply immersed in the auld books to drag myself away. You know how it is...

So, the rules are the same as last time, in that all you have to do is think about the plot description and identify the films. Two rounds, so a general one with all plots described by me, and a specialist one, where some plots are my own, but most are sourced from Dorian & Co, though I've tweaked them a bit.

Here goes.

Round One
  1. Insecure woman, threatened by technological advances at work and besotted by workmate, is publicly humiliated by workmate to impress his new girlfriend.
  2. Macho racist, obsessed with brother's wife, mutilates corpses and spends years plotting niece's murder.
  3. After suspected advances from open-minded politician, homophobic man befriends but is killed by politician's enemy, who the politician subsequently kills.
  4. Vegetarian begins cycle of repeated clashes with authorities after being thrown off train.
  5. Escaped Muslim convict helps embittered veteran in campaign of civil disobedience.
  6. Artist's wife is romanced by old schoolfriend and finds pregnancy isn't the worst of life's complications.
  7. Lonely woman experiences sequence of traumatic events and enters into relationship with sociopath.
  8. Writer cheats on wife and enjoys watching lover sleep with teenage boys, is threatened by lover's father.
  9. Radiantly healthy prostitute is threatened by doctor and embarks on love affair with drug-addict cop.
  10. Teenager murders women and children and is sentenced to death, but escapes and marries older woman.
  11. Fat jealous man persecutes schizophrenic follower of Atkins diet while on road trip.
  12. Vegetarian celebrates birthday and gets married, dog dies.
Confused yet? Don't worry, you'll surely have seen most of them.

Round Two
  1. Handicapped mass murderer kills old man, religious extremist terrorists destroy government installation, killing thousands.
  2. Barbaric terrorists destroy major government construction project, killing thousands of contract labourers, handicapped mass murderer kills old man.
  3. The United States provides arms, equipment and training to violent Islamic fundamentalists.
  4. Alcoholic suicide bomber destroys valuable technology and kills thousands in deluded act of vengeance.
  5. Rag-tag group of underdogs succeed at a massive undertaking despite overwhelming odds, credit success with faith in God.
  6. British civil servant conspires with Islamic fundamentalists in terrorist campaign, plants bomb on plane, kills American general.
  7. Politician arranges for assassination of terrorist leader who had orchestrated murders of civil servants and anachronistic killing of policemen.
  8. Alcoholic and bereaved religious fanatic attempt suicide bombing, survive and find love.
  9. In clandestine operation, gay masochist trains savage tribesmen in terrorist warfare.
  10. Terrorists fight government, die.
Okay, so the last one's an old TV series. Off you go now, while I get back to work.

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