28 October 2007

The only programme I'm likely to get on...

One evening after mass, a couple of years back, the parish and chaplaincy had a murder mystery evening, where I was bullied into bellowing as a belligerent baron; my initial reluctance eventually giving way to immense enthusiasm, I was rewarded by many a complement and a stomach-warming introduction to the homely joys of corned beef hash.

I've tried making it myself since, and have always liked my handiwork, but it hasn't been the same. That night's hash had a spendidly soupy quality that memory improves by the day.

Anyway, a glance this evening - between amusing games of one sort or another - at the chaplaincy's schedule for the term has intrigued me. It says, and I quote, with reference to a couple of Sundays from now:



I'm not sure what to make of that. Is there to be a murder mystery evening after mass? Or is there to be a mass murder mystery?

If it's the latter my money's on the young lad with lank hair and a long dark coat.

Am I allowed to say that?

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