21 March 2009

If it rained men, wouldn't they explode on impact?

I've always wondered that about the Weather Girls song.

So, having mentioned the FHM 100 Sexist Women poll recently, and having said how it'd been NMRBoy who insisted I vote in it, and having grumbled about the gaping lacunae in the shortlist, I somehow managed to gloss over the fact that NMRBoy had made a similar point last year, but more succinctly, and with pictures. N's point, or part of it anyway, was that given a real choice in these matters he would vote for former Anglia weathergirl Becky Jago, a lady for whom N harbours deep affection.

Becky has a healthy Facebook fanbase, I see, with the 'Becky Jago Appreciation Society' having a respectable 124 members. Indeed, it seems she's not the only British weathergirl with a bevvy of Facebook admirers. The fresh-faced Laura Tobin has a mere 41 fans in the 'Laura Tobin Appreciation Society', but a rather more impressive 337 groupies in the 'Laura Tobin (BBC Weather) Appreciation Society'. ITV's Becky Mantin clearly reigns supreme in this area, though, with four Facebook groups to sing her praises.

The eleven-strong 'FANS OF BECKY MANTIN' isn't much to boast of, I fear, as creator Bernard Boyle hasn't yet followed through on his promise 'I WILL GET SUM INFO N PICS VERY SOON'. The other groups are more promising. 195 people are willing to proclaim 'Im a fan of Becky Mantin (ITV Weather girl)' whereas 359 hail her as 'Becky Mantin - The most glorious of all weather girls'. That's nothing, though, compared to the 1,156 members of the 'Becky Mantin (Weather Chick) Appreciation Club'.

Here are Laura and Becky, just to keep you in the loop.

I'm not sure how much these people really appreciate their meteorological idols, though. The portly and rumpled Kevin Woolley from the East Midlands, for instance, has left a comment on the smaller Laura Tobin site declaring 'She is so god damn SEXY i wouldn't kick her out of bed.' It seems an odd thing to say. Would he kick a less sexy girl out of bed? How much less sexy would she have to be? Would he be capable of raising his bloated leg to boot her out were he indeed so inclined? In fact, would there be room for her to squeeze into his bed alongside his corpulent frame in the first place? How big is his bed?

And that's nothing compared to the comments you can read on YouTube clips of Ms Mantin. No, I'm not going to quote them. YouTube comments are, as we all know, almost certainly the lowest literary form. As a rule, though, they merely daze by their banality, but these fellows add filth to the equation...

Do women likewise drool over male weather forecasters? Did Michael Fish ever receive such adoration? How do girls feel about Liam Dutton nowadays? Do ladies find him rugged and sexy, or do they find him cute and feel a need to cuddle him?

Or when they look at him, do they get a tingly feeling as though they expect a deliciously painful pun, all because something about Liam vaguely reminds them of Rowlf the Dog?

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Martin said...

Maybe it doesn't rain men, but I'm just back from going to see Newcastle-Arsenal, at which there was a shower of muppets.

Boom. And (why not?) boom.