30 December 2006

Why do we fall?

So, the brother sounds a bit miffed. Having subjected himself to a rigorous personal examination, in the clear hope of finding himself a closet Bruce Wayne, he discovered that were he a superhero he'd almost certainly be Mr Tony Stark, better known as 'Iron man'. What do you mean you haven't heard of him? Think of Timothy Dalton with a pencil moustache, and then encase him in a silly metal costume. There. Better?

Intrigued by my elder's failure*, I took the challenge myself. And there are some fine questions there. 'Do you like to wear a cape?' for example, or 'do you like redheads?' An emphatic yes on both counts, of course.

And the result? Yes, as all my former tutees in Manchester would surely already know, I'm Batman.
* I say 'failure', but he takes solace in being a genius. Apparently.

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