29 December 2006

Stranger in a Strange Land

And yet again more good news. It seems another baby is on the horizon. Congratulations to the wonderful parents-to-be. It'll be a fierce lucky child, that's all I can say. This year is definitely ending rather better than the general run of play.

I approve of all this, and yet sitting amongst my people earlier today, surrounded by married couples, home-owners, bearers of children, earners of salaries, and submitters of theses, I felt decidedly left out. Things will have to change very soon. This job needs finishing, and a new start is required. Roll on September, so. I have a feeling that 2007 is going to be a very eventful year.

Last night was excessive, I'm afraid. Too many bars, frankly -- The Bank, The Mint, 4 Dame Lame, and Leggs of all places -- and some poor taxi strategy on the way home. It was after half five that I crept into Chez Gregoire. Leeson Street Bridge is apparently the spot to work from, which I hadn't realised. One to bear in mind for next time, I guess. Whenever that may be.

God knows. He tends to, after all. Comes with the territory.

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