22 November 2006

Well, Really

'It's ridiculous,' commented the good doctor when I spoke to him last night

What? Well, at five past five yesterday afternoon I had a visitor on the site. Now generally, I like visitors. They're good to have. Friends, regular readers who've never met, people chancing upon the blog seeking terms of intoxication or whatever - all these are good things. But people who just check up on me? People who scour the site looking for things to hold against me? No, I don't like that. Unwanted attention, I'd consider that, the sort of thing that certain universities deem harassment in the policies they supposedly follow.

So yeah, 17:05 yesterday afternoon, I get a visitor. From the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, no less. Someone doing research, you might think? No, don't be silly, obviously someone skiving. After all, who doing legitimate research at the French National Library, on computer athena3.bnf.fr with an IP address of if you're interested, would seriously be interested in doing a Yahoo search for 'gregorian ranting'?

I think someone needs to get a life. And to stop spying on mine. Their attention - if it's who I think it is* - isn't wanted. And that's for the record.

* I might be wrong, and if you feel a bit upset by this, wondering what you can possibly have done to have offended me, just e-mail me. I'm often contrite, and rarely bite.

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