30 November 2006

Not to decide is to decide

So said my housemaster when I was in school. We'd been plucked out of religion class, as happened the odd time, and sent up to his room, there to be told such things as how we're the cream, and shouldn't allow ourselves to go sour, or just not to waste our time on trivia.

I've been thinking about that a bit today, in between marking and returning essays. It's been a long day, and isn't over yet. I've decided that this essay malarkey may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. It's certainly giving me an appetite to get back to my research! Tomorrow, so, and then five days of frenzied work before returning to Manchester one last time this year.

Don't get me wrong. Despite hardly any sleep, an irregular breakfast, some deep uncertainty, and far too much work, the day hasn't been all bad.

I've been paid, for starters. And I didn't have to cycle through this morning's hurricane. And I received a lovely letter, and had a couple of much needed hugs, and talked to some good people. And in an hour or so I'm going to meet up with one or two friends who I've not met in over five years.

So it's okay.

Thanks for asking.

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