26 October 2009

Holy Crap! Look at these Guys!

It's kind of strange that after this week's Question Time, there are those in the BNP who are none too happy with their leader, feeling that he's not obnoxious enough. Something like that, anyway. According to the Guardian, the BNP's legal officer, Lee Barnes, has been far from discreet in his disapproval:
Barnes complained on his personal website that Griffin "should have stood up to these whining, middle-class hypocrites that use the race card for self-enrichment – and thrown the truth right back into their fat, sanctimonious, hypocritical, self-serving faces". He accused his party's leader of "failing to press the attack" on the "ethnic middle class" for "taking up the best jobs while still playing the bogus race card for every opportunity". And in a move that is likely to reinforce concerns that Griffin's appearance will spark violence, Barnes used his personal website to suggest that "perhaps there needs to be a few 'white riots' around the country a la the Brixton riots of the 1980s before the idiot white liberal middle class and their ethnic middle-class fellow travellers wake up".
Charming, eh? Of course, there are worse folk out there than the BNP... have you heard of the BPP? Yes, the British People's Party, who despise the BNP for its opposition to racism. No, really, they do.

These guys manage the curious feat of making the BNP look reasonable. Their spiritual leader seems to have been responsible for drawing up their 'eternal principles' that 'still hold good today'. It's nice to learn that eternal principles don't get outdated within a few decades, but I'm not sure on these, though. Adolf Hitler as a gift from god? As NMRBoy said to me last night, it probably gives these guys an instant advantage in internet flame wars. You can't really accuse them of falling victim to Godwin's Law, after all...

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