22 February 2008

A Perfect Sentence

I'm afraid I've not heard much of Goldfrapp's oeuvre, but what I've heard I've liked, especially the incessant pulsating sexiness of their cover version of Baccara's melancholy 1977 dance classic 'Yes Sir, I Can Boogie'.

It seems from today's Guardian that Alison and her sidekick Will Gregory have decided to change direction, a change that the Guardian reckons was inevitable if they weren't to go stale.
When you've appeared on stage playing a theremin with your crotch while dressed as a kind of besequinned Nazi air hostess, as Goldfrapp did after the release of 2005's Supernature, you could reasonably argue that you've explored the possibilities of camply sexualised glam-influenced electro-pop pretty thoroughly.
That may be one of the greatest sentences ever written. It's up there with 'Kat's hamster's called Mouse.'

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