06 April 2008

The Jackson 5 on Albert Square

I'm not really sure what's going on with television nowadays. Have you seen the adverts for Coronation Street? All bleak and grey, with a voiceover from the sinister young David, looking like he's about to kill himself, presumably because people are starting to realise how he hurled his mother down the stairs, shortly after using the delightfully ominous phrase 'the spawn of David'.

That's not Coronation Street, is it? That's more Eastenders, the BBC's epic drama of miserable people living miserable lives, somehow defying the British trend by never once mentioning football. But Eastenders is changing too, it seems, as I discovered in the aftermath of Doctor Who when this came on.

It's brilliant, isn't it?

They should make this a regular part of the show. It'd be so much better.

I want you back indeed.

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Flaming Nora said...

David is indeed a devil child. And where is Martin Platt when you need him? My Coronation Street blog is at http://coronationstreetupdates.blogspot.com if you like Corrie a lot.