19 January 2008

The Key to Reserva

Having mentioned Hitchcock parodies the other day, this seems like a good time to point you to this spectacular homage to Hitchcock by Martin Scorsese. I know, it's been floating about online for ages, but there's a chance that some of you won't have seen it. Basically, it's an advert for dubious Spanish sparkling wine, but what an advert!

It purports to be a documentary about a secret project which could have bold repercussions on future film preservation. Supposedly Martin Scorsese has managed to acquired three-and-a-half pages of script from a film that Hitchcock had meant to make, but never did, for some reason, and has resolved to shoot them as the master would have done, to make his own Hitchcock film.

'It's one thing,' he says, 'to preserve a film that's been made. It's another to preserve a film that's not been made.'

Scorsese's clearly having blast in this, whether appearing in the documentary sections or making the mock-Hitchcock film itself, into which he tosses references to North by Northwest, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Vertigo, Rear Window, and surely a few other Hitchcock films that aren't leaping to mind just at the minute.

Even without the references, the homage is spot on, down to the costumes, the hairstyles, the lighting, the sound, and of course the credits. The only thing that's missing is the director himself -- though I wonder if Mr Scorsese is somewhere to be seen in the film.


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