10 October 2007

And it gets better

There are legions of maxims about how, when you get down to it, the real race is only ever with ourselves. Well, following that principle, the national broadcaster has gone in for some even more surreal imagery today.

'Turkey plans to track down rebels in Iraq' it blasts as a headline.

I'm glad planning is involved. That could be dangerous without some advance scheming. It wouldn't be good to have turkeys running around the place like headless chickens. Mind, if turkeys are anything like mice, those plans could well gang aft aglay.

No, seriously.

Meanwhile, on BreakingNews.ie, I'm mildly puzzled by the headline 'Boy, 17, left detective with "life-long injury"'. What does this mean? Did a seventeen-year-old boy have an altercation with a detective and depart the scene, having injured the detective? Or did he depart having received a serious injury? Or had he long associated with a severely injured detective, and only recently decided to leave him? And should I just read it and find out?

I know, you probably think I need to get out more. Trust me, nowadays I think I need to get out less.

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