28 September 2007

Before I Begin: A Disclaimer

The point being: don't take this too seriously. I've no plans to do so, after all. Some of it will be completely made up.

If you have serious issues with anything, and don't want to leave a comment, you can always e-mail me: the 'Contact Me!' box should work for the likes of Outlook, but just doing a mouseover will enable you to see my address. If I get any facts wrong, or anything like that, please do let me know. Even Homer nods, as they say.

Comments are more than welcome, of course, so please, get stuck in. Nothing nasty, of course: I've had problems with that sort of thing in the past!

There have been a few people since I've started this blog who've somehow read this disclaimer as meaning that nothing here is to be taken at face value, and that it's never meant seriously. That wasn't quite what I was going for when I originally wrote this, and obviously the blog has grown since then anyway.

Use your judgement: it should be pretty obvious when I'm talking about something with my serious hat on.

And on comments...
On comments, as of today -- 23 December 2011 -- I've decided that I'm not going to post any purely anonymous comments. Please, if you're commenting at least give some kind of a name or handle to prevent threads from getting complicated. I'd rather people use their real names, of course, as that's always best, but I understand that that's sometimes impractical.

Disagreement is fine. Intelligent and informed disagreement is better; genuine engagement is always good, and I like smart people who disagree with me in a smart way.

Clear irrelevance, uncharitable pedantry, and abuse, on the other hand, probably won't make it to the page.