03 January 2007

Predatory Bears and Carniverous Hats

Um, in a fumbled attempt at compensating for that last rather grumpy post, here's a link to a Christmas Card by Northampton's greatest son.

Well, if that doesn't cheer you up, and speaking of long-haired artistic types, how about this squintworthy shot of my brother, who appears to be being watched by a polar bear?

No, really. Look at the window. Yes, behind the tree.

I suppose the prospect of my brother being menaced by the ferocious land animal in the world might not cheer you up, but I'm stuck for other ideas.

Maybe you could have a gander at the world's biggest Swiss Army Knife and consider what to do with it.*

All of which reminds me, for no obvious reason: I was having dinner with some friends a few months back, and the starter was some kind of melon malarkey, with a sweet red sauce drizzled over it. I gestured towards the sauce
-- What do you reckon this is?
-- I dunno, probably some kind of raspberry puree.
-- The kind you find in a secondhand store?

I'm here all week. And if you don't find that funny, well, either you don't know the song, or else - apparently - you're a woman.

* Note to self: Victorinox Huntsman is now available in black. I've needed a replacement knife for about four years. This is the one. Why do I only think of stuff I really want after Christmas? How on earth did I forget that Making Comics is available, for example?

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