07 January 2007

Fly me to the Moon...

... it'd probably be quicker.

So, poor Laura is almost certainly sitting in misery on her couch from Bournemouth now. The travel gods have struck, alas.

She'd had issues coming over, with her colourfully stamped passport attracting the attention of the police, who'd wondered why she was going to Dublin. They seemed to be stopping armies of people going to Dublin and Amsterdam, so it's probably just as well that she didn't say, 'Ah, for the craic.' That could have caused no end of trouble.

Still, it would have been nothing compared to the farce that's been Bristol airport today. On Friday, for at that point unspecified reasons, first Easyjet and then Thomas Cooke both decided against flying into or out of Bristol Airport. The Airport was apparently insisting everything was fine, but neither airway was convinced - and by today others had followed suit. As we returned to the house on Sunday afternoon, the news as it stood was a bit on the contradictory side, with Bristol Airport having announced that it was temporarily closed, but with Ryanair apparently still flying there.

(The reason was something to do with the new runways lacking grooves, causing planes to slip. Clearly this is not a good thing. Why Ryanair were apparently so blasé about it isn't entirely clear.)

Anyway, since Ryanair clearly weren't going to have an easy time flying to an airport that was shut, we had to put in innumerable man-minutes on phones, internet, and teletext trying to figure out what was going on. I'm afraid that Ireland's biggest airline didn't exactly cover themselves with glory on the customer-service front, and it wasn't an easy task to find out where Laura's plane was going to go. I'd have thought it'd be an easy job to post stuff like that on the Ryanair website. Hmmm.

Bournemouth, in the end. Not the most direct way to Bristol, it has to be said.

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