03 October 2009

Clearly I Didn't Need to Go Home

Irish Election sums it up nicely:
Total Electorate: 3,078,032

Total Poll: 58.99% (1,816,636)
Yes:67.11% (1,214,270)
No: 32.89% (595,142)
Spoiled Votes: 7,244
Miraculous Medals in Ballot Boxes: 2
Passports in Ballot Boxes : 1

28th Amendment to the Irish Constitution Treaty of Lisbon II is passed.

The changes in how the constituencies voted from last year are fascinating. The swing in Dublin South West and in my own constituency have been most encouraging. It's been interesting watching the tallies come in, and I've found it hard not to keep popping onto RTE to see how they were covering the treaty.

The situation in Donegal isn't encouraging, though. Is this a right-wing Catholic vote? Or is it connected with fears for the fishing industry? Probably the latter, though I can't see how the proposed institutional arrangements under Lisbon could be worse than the current ones.

Still, all told it's been a good day.

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