07 April 2008

Caped Crusaders and Dark Knights

I was chatting away last night, and the Batman came up, as he has a habit of so doing, even when I'm not passing on recently garnered lore about his auburn adviser.

'I'm going back tomorrow,' said my friend, 'and we're watching Batman.'
'The old one,' I asked, 'with the bat shark-repellant? Or Christopher Bale being moody? Or in between?'
'Tim Burton? No, it's the Adam West bat shark-repellant. Why re-make? We've just got it on DVD.'
'It's a fine film,' I grinned, 'though I've liked Batman in most cinematic incarnations, other than Val Kilmer and George Clooney. They were wrong. Oh! Speaking of Batman -- have I ever told you about Superdickery?'
Well brace yourself, for I am about to. This alone almost explains it all --'
'Superdickery started by showing old comic panels and covers where Superman was being a dick,' I explained. 'Other galleries have been added. This gallery is, I think, the most troubling.'

'Hehehe,' giggled my friend, 'Whoever decided he would be a good person to take care of Robin?'
'D'you know,' I remarked, 'you're not the first person who's wondered that.'

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