05 February 2008

It's Time to Light the Lights

Speaking of puppets, as I was yesterday, Brother the Younger has been badgering me for ages to look up 'Muppet Pulp Fiction' online. Well. I've done so, and you should too. It's hilarious, with some absolutely inspired casting: Dr Teeth as Marcellus Wallace? Bunsen as Winston Wolfe? Sam the Eagle as Captain Koons? Gonzo and Camilla the chicken as Tim Roth's and Amanda Plummer's characters? And then there's Eric Stoltz...

Rob Paul and Eric Myles , the authors of this little gem, have also put online two versions of a CNN piece about the short. It's worth watching to see how and why they made the film before putting it on the internet, there to gather dust for six months before becoming a phenomenon.

I say 'phenomenon' though I should again point out that it's a phenomenon that eluded me until this week.

If that's not enough Muppetational oddness for you, you should check out Overtime. A short film by two French students, it's funny, poignant, a bit disturbing, and really rather beautiful.

I think it's one of the best animations I've ever seen.

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