13 February 2008

In a Hole in the Ground, there lived a Hobbit...

Yesterday's brief post having been devoted to how some enterprising folk have been inspired by Tolkien's works to recreate his most epic battles with jelly babies, it seems only fair today to gawp at how some people evidently want to live in Hobbiton.

There's no way that I can describe the Shire of Bend, in Oregon, so all I can really do is suggest that you grit your teeth, wince, and click on the link. Really, it's terrifying.

On the other hand, the Low Impact Woodland Home pictured here, while looking more than a little reminiscent of Bag End nonetheless appears to be motivated by a sense of environmental responsibility and financial thrift rather than a pathologically twee obsession with an England that never was.

This sustainability is a good thing; next time I'm in Brighton I'd be very tempted to go and have a gawk at Earthship Brighton in Stanmer Park. Seemingly, it's a solar-powered eco-friendly building built from used tires. It's got to be worth a look at any rate.

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