15 February 2008

25 Miles

Well, thank God that's over.

I had a meeting this morning -- I can't say what about -- which I've been working towards for months. Over the last few weeks I've not managed two nights' sleep in a row because of this; it wasn't that I was stressed by the meeting, simply that there was so much that needed doing!

Needed? Yeah, I know, lots of people think that I've carried this on too long, that things should just be let go, that I need to get my life back.

Perhaps. But I reckon that if there was a time for quitting it was well over a year ago, probably back in October 2006. And besides, there's that whole Burke thing about evil triumphing when good men do nothing.

So I went to my meeting this morning, and opened my briefcase, and took out two folders and two huge files of documents, wryly remarking that I had as much again sitting in a box at home, and then set to work.

Things started awkwardly, with my being taken to task over a poorly chosen phrase, but I rode that out, and further objections soon died up. What few there were sounded forlorn, but that's hardly surprising considering the air of resignation that settled on the other side of the table, the silence barely punctuated by the grim nods every time I proved a point or posed a question that couldn't be denied.

I think the mess is nearly over, and that the right thing will be done. Not because people want to do that -- I'm not so naive as to expect that anymore -- just because it does rather look as though all other options have been exhausted. It's too late in the game for people to throw their bodies on these grenades.

Not that people play games with grenades, but you get my point.

Granted, this could be dragged out for another year if need be, but I've made it clear that I'll go the distance if I have to, and will win then, so the question then becomes: would anyone really gain if justice were to be delayed for another year?

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