23 January 2008

I Am Better Than Your Kids

NMRBoy sent me a little message yesterday, saying that he didn't have time to talk -- as indeed neither did I! -- but that when I got a chance I ought to watch this clip of a Sean Lock stand-up routine. It was very important, he said that I watch I watch it right through to the end, not just because it's pretty funny, but because its climax could provide me with a useful approach in an absurd meeting that'll be coming up soon.

No, not my thesis defence. My viva will require an entirely different strategy.

Anyway, I eventually watched the clip, and liked it, so he suggested I watch this rather shorter one from 8 out of 10 Cats, where Mr Lock is decidedly scathing towards children. It's hilarious, and reminded me of this shockingly funny site, analysing children's drawings. I'd not thought of it in years, so spent a very happy couple of minutes perusing it yesterday, and passed it on to a couple of friends, who rather sensibly joined me in my mirth.

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