24 November 2007

Wales beat South Africa!

No, not really, but the headline probably caught your eye, didn't it?

It certainly caught mine when I read it on the main BBC news site earlier on. I gawped on seeing it, as when I'd last glanced the score from within the welcoming surrounds of the Porter House, Wales were losing by about twenty points, and there hadn't been much time left on the clock at that point. Had Wales made a impossible comeback?


They lost 34-12, as I discovered when I clicked on the link. I've no idea whether the link's misleading nature should be classed as mischievous or mistaken, but either way it was wrong.

Less misleading, though no less improbable, were the headlines about Everton's 7-1 drubbing of Sunderland. I'd gawped in the Porter House on seeing that we were 6-1 up, and stared again when word came in that Osman had made it seven. Extraordinary, really. It seems this was Everton's hundredth win of Moyes's reign, and the first time in eight years that Everton have managed such a big win - and indeed the first time in eleven years that they've managed seven goals. The BBC called it a 'dazzling attacking exhibition' - having done some checking, it seems that in this respect, at any rate, the Beeb had it right.

A good day, all told.

And now I'm off to watch Ray Winstone kill a monstah.

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