03 January 2007

Stand, and Unfold Yourself!

Hello. Look, I don't mean to be curmudgeonly and unduly suspicious and stuff, but I'm afraid that too much Prison Break and the events of the past year have rendered me a fierce suspicious fella altogether.

So, I'm kind of curious, and wonder whether one of you could help me. Who's reading this on an Opal Telecom connection? IP address, just for the record, being, and apparently being in the UK, but using google.ie not long ago - so someone from Northern Ireland, perhaps? I have half an inkling, but I'm afraid that when I get six hits in two days -- 14:52 and 01:36 today, 23:32 and 21:42 and 20:01 AND 17:41 yesterday -- well, I get a bit edgy. I know, you might just be bored, and desperate for whatever pearls of wisdom I might feel like bestowing.

The thing is, this sort of thing bothers me, has done since the start of the summer when I was still living in halls. Things got very weird then, when I had one person checking my site for hours at a time, and often several times a day. Five times at least once, with visits at 02:51, 05:05, 08:10, 19:06, and 23:21! When stuff like that happens, it's hard not to get upset, and it leaves an imprint, I'm afraid.

So do me a wee favour, Opal 89.241.214,195. Send me an e-mail, and let me know who you are. Friend or foe, basically. Just put my heart at rest.

(SMP -- or sitemeter paranoia -- is an occupational hazard of blogging, I'm afraid. I guess it's because unlike other say telly or the papers, when you're online you can get a pretty good idea of your readership. Unfortunately, it's a frustrating picture, as it doesn't tell you quite what you'd like to know. I guess it's like looking through a fogged up window.)

Little Brother is watching you. He's just forgotten his glasses.

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