04 January 2007

Scary Mary and the Fat Woman

I have no idea if Mary Poppins is really as scary as this, not least because if so surely Miss Andrews would have a real reputation as a Scream Queen, especially with her having starred in an indisputably classic horror film.

I have a feeling that the likes of Louise and the Kittybrewster wouldn't have been so aghast at my never having seen it if such were really the case, but I might be wrong. After all, Neil Gaiman has described her as being, at least in Travers's books, as 'conceited, dangerous, implacable and a force of nature'. So who knows?

I guess I'll have to get round to seeing it, and finding out for myself at some point.

I just stumbled upon that trailer while following a link from this grotesque tale from The Metro, the moral of which would appear to be that its better to enter the Tunnel of Love with slender lasses than their more generously proportioned sisters.

Seriously, though, I'm not sure what troubles me most about this story. Is it the fact that chocolate was sent in as an emergency ration -- ah, the irony -- or the spectacular subtitle to the photograph?

You see the one? 'How the woman may have looked' -- I mean, well really.

And with that I'll leave you. Rest well, and dream of large women.

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