10 December 2006

Northern Delights

So, today's Catholic Herald, I noticed after mass, has a cracking headline down near the bottom of the front page. Vatican incensed by China ordinations.

Look, it's all in the pronunciation. And I'm sure the double-meaning is far from intentional. These are the same people who eschewed the chance to run the headline 'Church mocks Church' a couple of months back.

Actually the front page is quite informative. I always used to wonder, back in the days of my Prestonian jaunts, what church it was that so dominated the Preston skyline. It turns out it's Saint Walpurge's, the spire of which is the third highest in Britain, and it looks as though the Church can't afford to keep it open. Hmmm. Perhaps I should visit at some point before it gets closed or converted into something else.

Again, it's been a good day. Time and lunch with the clan, followed by meeting the Supreme Student emeritus for a catch-up session in KroPic over hot chocolate, and then mass -- after which over tea I was amazed when the charming sister of an old friend and I managed to recognise each other despite probably only having met once. And then it was off to Popolino's for pizza, and then The Pub...

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