27 December 2006

Home, Sweet Home

Despite all my fears, the Chelmsford Christmas experiment worked a treat, with the absolute highpoint being the rather unorthodox Christmas cracker opened by sister the elder yesterday evening.

Mind, the whole webcam malarkey and my acquisition of a dinner jacket wouldn't be all that far behind. God alone knows when I'll get a chance to wear said outfit, mind, what with my hall days being left behind me. So, if any of you charming frauleins need a dapper escort for any balls in Dublin or Manchester, just let me know.

Dave did a fine job looking after the place in our absence, though picking up the sister at the airport earlier it seems there was some Dougal and Ted banter.

-- Wouldn't it be funny, he remarked, if, after me looking after the place for the last few days, doing lights and curtains and all that stuff, the house got broken into while I was picking you up at the airport?
-- No, David, she said, it wouldn't.

Which was exactly what I said when he said it to me on the phone just a few minutes ago.

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