13 December 2006

A Memorable Return

Yesterday's journey wasn't quite as gruelling as Thursday's had been, but it was far from easy for all that. Again I had to put my head down while the ship sailed, thus wiping out the real advantage of sailing - unlike on a short-haul flight, time on a ship is rarely dead time, but when you're talking gale force eight or above, it's kind of hard to work.

Still, I arrived more or less on schedule, hurried out to base, dumped my bag, and joining with some of the crew did a sharp about turn and set off for Donnybrook, there to dine and whine, to quaff an ale or two, and then to stroll back towards town in the most charming and indeed apologetic of company, ultimately grabbing a nightlink home.

And my, what a surprise awaited me there. Oh, if only I could tell you here... let's just say that while part of me is shocked, horrified, aghast, appalled, disgusted, and even nauseous, another part is vindicated and incandescent with a righteous fury. This isn't over. Not by a long shot.

Maybe I will tell you. But not for a while yet. Not until the pieces have been put back in the box.

Speaking of which, tonight I stuck the only woman in my life away in the attic. Sorry about that, Alberta. Don't worry, hon, it won't be forever. It's just that, well, you know, you could cause problems. A samurai can't serve two masters, after all.

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