18 October 2004

A Drunken Thesaurus

I was chatting to one of my students earlier, before letting her into her room and admiring her heron, when I mentioned my legendary drunken thesaurus, which I've again amended. It's up to 217 terms of inebriation at this point, I think.

To remind you all, if you were -- in Ireland or in her neighbouring lands -- to see a man stumbling by, having been engaged in alcoholic recreation, you could describe him in any of the following ways:

Annihilated, Armchaired, Ar meisce, Arseholed, Badgered, Banjoed, Battered, Beery, Befuddled, Binned, Binnered, Bladdered, Blasted, Blathered, Blithered, Blitzed, Blocked, Blotto, Bluthered, Buckled, Bollixed, Bollowed, Bombed, Boosy, Brahms and Liszt, Buzzing, Cabbaged, Comatose, Couldn't see straight, Couldn’t spell his own name, Couldn’t touch the tip of his nose, Couldn’t walk straight, Cut, Destroyed, Didn’t know his own name, Disorientated, Dizzy, Drizzly, Drunk, Drunk and disorderly, Drunk as a lord, Drunk as a skunk, Effervescent, Elephants, Elephant's trunk, Elevated, Flibbered, Flower-potted, Flush, Flustered, Fluthered, Foggy, Foofered, Fou, Frazzled, Fresh, ****ed, ****ered, ****faced, Fuddled, Full as a shuck, Full up to the gills, Fuzzy, Gee-eyed, Goggle-eyed, Gone, Gonzoed, Groggy, Had a drop too much, Had a buzz on lush, Had a jog on, Had one too many, Half-cut, Hammered, Happy, Have a bit of a lean on, Hazy, Head just about in the toilet, Hobbled, In a right jocker, In a right state, Inebriated, Incapacitated, In the bag, Intoxicated, In his cups, Jam-jarred, Jarred, Jolly, Kale-eyed, Langered, Langers, Lashed, Lathered, Leathered, Legless, Levelled, Lit, Lit up, Locked, Lubricated, Maggotty, Mangled, Mashed, Mellow, Merry, Monged, Monkeyed, Mortal, Mortalled, Mouldy, Muddled, Mullered, Muzzy, Never saw it coming, Nished as a pewt, Not in full possession of his faculties, Not the best, Not too stable, Not well, Obfuscated, Obliterated, Off his face, Off his head, Off his tits, Oiled, Oodled, Ossified, Out of it, Out of his face, Out of his head, Out of his tree, Palatic, Paralytic, Parkbenched, Pasted, Pickled, Pickled to the tonsils, Pie-eyed, Pie-faced, Pished, Pissed, Pissed as a fart, Pissed as a newt, Pixilated, Plastered, Plastic, Polluted, Puddled, Raddled, Ratarsed, Ratted, Rotten, Rubbered, Screwed, Scuttered, Scuttled, Seeing double, Shitfaced, Shot, Shot to Buggery, Shot to ****, Shot to Hell, Shwallied, Skankers, Skanky, Skinned, Skulled, Slammed, Slaughtered, Sloshed, Smashed, Smackerooed, Soused, Sozzled, Spannered, Squiffy, Stushied, Steamed, Steaming, Stewed, Stewed to the gills, Stocious, Stuko, Swizzled, Tanked, Tanked up, Tankered, The worse for wear, Three sheets to the wind, Tiddly, Tight, Tipsy, Tired and emotional, Toasted, Totalled, Toxicated, Trashed, Trollied, Trousered, Twatted, Twisted, Two sheets to the wind, Under the influence, Under the weather, Unwell, Upside-down behind the telly, Walking didn’t come naturally to him, Wankered, Wasted, Watered, Wellied, Well-oiled, Well on, Woozy, Wrecked, and Zonked.

It's all in the intonation, I think. Further suggestions will be gladly received.

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